Whilst Covid-19 continues to place so many restrictions on our activities, the RCOW continues to be active in the local and global community.
This month we:
Sponsored Xmas Gifts for all the 39 children at the Skatin School. The pictures show Roberta Whiskyjack and her team delivering the gifts to the children of Skatin and Tipella.
A thank you from the Skatin School
"I would like to thank you, Gill and the Rotary Club on behalf of the Skatin Community School students, parents and staff for the making this year’s Christmas special for them.
You will see by the photos and videos that the students appreciated the gifts they received.
I want to mention also that we recorded our last fluent speaker elder singing Jingle Bells in Ucwalmicwts. It made it even more special.
We would like to wish you and the Rotary Club a very special and Merry Christmas."
We had a fun Zoom Xmas Party with a Festive Basket Draw and some competitions that raised $900+ for our local projects.
Isabel McLaurin and Erika Durlacher enjoying the Xmas Party from their Covid bubble.
Our Speakers for December were:
David Malaher (long time member of RCOW)- on the topic "An Art and History Story to go with 14,000 Islands in Lake of the Woods". David and Rosemary spend their summers at their cabin on the lake and shared many pictures of the lake and its interesting demographics and history. It inspired our listeners who have not been there to put this amazing lake on their travel bucket list for post-Covid.
James McConville and Danile Martin from Eagle Mountain Middle School, Coquitlam. James and Daniel are creating an Outdoor Environment Classroom at their school out of what is mostly suburban woodland with many invasive species. RCOW subsequently donated $1000 for a weather-safe notice/information board from our Environment Fund.
We hope that post-covid some members will be able to join some of the work parties to help establish this project.