On August 4th and 5th the Rotary Club of Whistler served up pancakes outside of Dusty's in Creekside to the salivating masses that lined up for this tasty breakfast treat. Money Man David Oakes, long time dedicated Rotarian is in the background and Pancake Chef Gill Forester is in the white hat concentrating on perfect pancakes after  tirelessly organizing the event and the donations.  Perky pancake flipper Marg Pallot with her endless cheer and smile doled out these yummy cakes to an ever waiting line up. Some youngsters proudly boasted chowing down on as many as 12 cakes, drizzled with Canadian Maple syrup, each of the two mornings!
A trusty band of Rotary members, supported the zealous flippers, happily ladling out syrup, coffee, hot chocolate, blueberries and good cheer. 
Dusty's supplied the pancake batter, Nester's Market, the Independant and Creekside Market the pure maple syrup and other necessities.  Organic Blueberries were donated by Hare Farms of Pemberton. Many, many thanks.
Great success--
Long may we flip! Same time next year!!