Jun 01, 2021
Constable Jess Mucha
Peace Conversation and Cops For Cancer
Below is the link and description for my Cops for Cancer fundraiser.  Is there anything else I should be mentioning?

My name is Jess Mucha and I have been an RCMP officer in Whistler for 2 years. 


This year I have joined 39 other officers from various departments and detachments in the lower mainland to support the Canadian Cancer Society Program - Cops for Cancer.


Cops for Cancer is a road cycling tour that will start on September 20th.  The team will cycle approximately 100 kilometres a day for 5 days.  Before the tour, we are required to do extensive training as well as fundraise a minimum of $4000 each.  


I began my fundraising mid March and I have already raised $4,870.99.  I do not have a set fundraising goal but I would like to raise quite a bit more before the tour.  This year Covid 19 has definitely made things quite a bit more difficult and has put restraints on certain fundraising opportunities.  Despite the restrictions I am impressed with the amount I have raised thus far.


The fundraisers I have done so far :

  • Local artist jigsaw puzzle sales

  • Detachment wide liquor raffle 


I have also received funds through social media outreach and bottle donations.


Planned fundraisers to happen within the next 3 months:

  • Online silent auction with prizes donated from local businesses

  • Photos with a Mountie in the Village

  • Cancer Society Raffle

  • Detachment BBQ

  • Creekbread Fundraiser

Cops for Cancer funds go towards research and support for children with cancer in Canada.