May 25, 2021
Karin Kausky
A social prescription as perhaps the primary care task force in whistler
Her Topic
The accidental or inadvertent trial of social prescription resulting from our covid response and why “it takes a village (or RMOW ) to manage a pandemic “
Social prescribing is a growing movement, that allows health care professionals to connect people to a range of “non medical”, community based, programmes and  services , to improve health and wellbeing ---to access healthy food, financial aid, counselling, employment skills, fitness, cooking classes , gardening, social events and many other social services 

Dr. Karin Kausky graduated with an MD from the University of Toronto in 1988.

 She completed her Family Practice residency at the University of Western Ontario in 1990 obtaining certification from the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

 She also completed her diploma in Sports Medicine, from the Canadian Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM)  in 2007  and is Medical Director of the Canadian National Ski Cross Team. Dr. Kausky was also the Chief Medical Officer for Women’s Alpine Events at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

She is co-chair of the Sea to sky Division of Family Practice 
She has had a full service family practice in Whistler BC since 1993