The Rotary Club of Whistler Clean-Up Crew sprung into action on Saturday, August 27th at the Whistler Interpretive Forest.  Following a photo opportunity at the memorial sign for Don Maclaurin the group got to work cleaning the signs along Craterview Loop.

Craterview loop is an approx 1km loop through the forest.  It has are several signs that point out the forest management work that has been completed in the area.  Recently the road has been cleared. It's great for a slow drive and even better for mountain bikes. There is also a Craterview Lookout but unfortunately the view is grown over.

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Rotary Club of Whistler has received another generous grant from The Community Foundation of Whistler which will support or ongoing signage, culvert and clean up work in the Cheakamus Forest. Clean-up day is part of that work.  The final report for the project was released during late August 2016.  A copy is available here.

Thanks to all who came out and helped.  Afterward the group made a trip to Dusty's Bar & BBQ to celebrate a job well done.