The Resort Municipality of Whistler hosted the Subaru- Ironman - Canada  banner event for the 6th time July 25th to the 30th this year. The Rotary Club of Whistler rolled out the red carpet. under the leadership of Murray Wood, dedicated Rotarian and this year's Assistant District Governor. His team warmly and heartily welcomed, using our special brand of cheer for the athletes and their families helping make their introduction to Whistler and the big race  happen.
Guess what!
Murray won Best Captain for his Station!
From 8 AM to 5:30 PM we soldiered through for two days then a half day on Saturday. In many ways it was easy when you consider the commitment of these athletes, all 3200 of them, who for the past 3 years have  built themselves up to this crescendo of physical and mental endurance.
The temperatures were daunting for the athletes and the volunteers who took very little down time, only to grab a bite or sip before returning to stuff and issue swag bags, register and explain each waiver individually, issue race essentials: offering solutions, vital support and information to those who entered our domain in the big white registration tent in the Medals Plaza of the Whistler Olympic Plaza.
This is what we do at Rotary, however our team efforts facilitated Captain Murray Wood to win the Best Captain Iron Medal. 
 Well earned and well done!
 Murray kept the Subaru-Ironman-Canada machine running everyday. 
As a side bar: note our visitor from Nepal, Kalu Tamang helping out sorting and filing waivers. He flew home to Nepal later this day.