It's World Polio Day! The day when we reflect on the progress we have made against this horrible disease and reset our focus to eradicate it for good.  Rotary plays a major role with the Global Polio Initiative which is a global multi organization international effort to eradicate the disease.
On October 24th, World Polio Day, the Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication (GCC) is expected to declare poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) as globally eradicated. The declaration will be broadcast on the internet and viewers are welcome to follow the proceedings through a WebEx broadcast that will be available here.
Closer to home the Resort Municipality of Whistler has declared October 24th as World Polio Day and we thank the Mayor and Council for recognizing this important day.  A copy of the proclamation is on the left  (Please click image to read the proclamation).
The Rotary Club of Whistler will observe World Polio Day on October 29th during the club's regular meeting at the Whistler Museum. Resort Municipality of Whistler Mayor, Jack Crompton will present the Proclamation to the club.  In addition Brian Finlay District 5040 End Polo Now chair will make a presentation about the disease, the impact of the disease and the world wide fight to completely eradicate it.