Guest Speaker: Elly Contreras and Project Amigo

Elly Contreras and her husband Ramiros established Project Amigo in 1984 to provide educational scholarships, material support, enrichment activities, and preventive and remedial health care to disadvantaged children and youth in Colima state. At our meeting on Tuesday Elly explained why there is such a great need for the kind of support that Project Amigo provides.
Although the Government policy is education for all, it just doesn't work that way, particularly in the State of Colima which is primarily a farming area with thousands of farmworkers. Thousands of children between the age of 7 and 14 drop out of school to work on the farms, picking fruit and vegetables and cutting cane, or to care for younger siblings so that the parents can work the fields.
We also learnt that many of the teachers in the schools are not trained and often the position just gets passed to other family members. Project Amigo provides learning and financial support so that students can remain at school, and also achieve results that will allow them to proceed to High School, University, and other training opportunities such as nursing and the trades.
Project Amigo was in the process of applying for a Rotary Global Grant to refurbish the facilities in the libraries and centers for the students. Their goal was to raise $100,000. With the onset of Covid-19 these funds are no longer available.
At our next meeting we will be asking our members their opinion on the Rotary Club of Whistler making a donation to Project Amigo.
For further information on Project Amigo see their website: