Tuesday October 15th in our cozy Whistler Museum Michael Blaxland, sitting third from the left, has been coming to Whistler since the early 1970s after graduating from Dalhousie Law School. He  built for us a tale of making his way to British Columbia for a variety of reasons after law school:  spinning a web through life with his love of skiing, travel, law, fair mindedness and our land of opportunity in the wild west.  Michael elaborated on how he has now found himself sitting as an arbitrator or as some might describe adjudicator for many parties who require an intelligent, studied, forthright and fair minded minded individual notwithstanding his daily commitment in ski season to instructing. His global antics in France to the Far East in the early 1970's were great entertainment. Tales of skiing every nook and cranny on Whistler and Blackcomb were a thrill at times interspersed with his legal activities. What a fabulous way to spend a rainy Tuesday evening after prepping for the winter all day.
We were thrilled throughout Michael's bio that threaded across Canada then to France, the Far East and throughout every nook and cranny of Whistler and Blackcomb from 1978. Michael is well spoken and interesting having traveled far and wide, peppering his life with a deep humanitarian commitment thus we can hopefully wait for more adventure tales seasoned with his kindness.