The combined efforts of the Whistler Rotary Club and the Millennium Club of Whistler created a Canada Day float that won in the category  for "Best Interpretation of Theme"  After a week of prototypes, workshops, collaboration and cooperation through misty drizzle, the weather did not rain on us until late evening on the holiday July 1st Sunday. The Great Canadian Camp Out was a gleeful success!
What joy for all who worked hard creating, hammering, painting, collaborating and concocting! Our preparations were outdoors through chilly drizzle, mosquitoes and design challenges.  Oh the thrill of sharing and marching!
We Rotarians' in Whistler took the theme very seriously. We wore clothing appropriate for camping: marching in hiking boots, hats and weather gear, thoroughly enjoying the thrill of waving the Canadian Flag to all parade watchers whilst marching fore and aft of the Rotary banners mounted on the truck towing the camp scene.. 
In order to reach this stage everyone pitched in whether on the float committee or not. We had a hand made canoe, fishing rods, a hand made camp fire, a bear with paddle hoisted to overlook the event on the truck that towed the camp scene, There was a tent that had a few dry runs to make it on the float, paddles, camp chairs, wood chips and greens from the woods. What laughs and fun we had putting this together! What a team! 
Honorary member Isobel McLaurin created an inovative vehicle of sorts that was filled with young future Rotarians' representing all age groups in our clubs and community. Alongside Isobel marched another of our recently anointed honorary members. Long time selfless community service provider and wise friend to all: Joan Deeks helped lead us along the route with President Ken. Our one casualty was a wounded tail light on the donated trailer that was inadvertently sawed through during preparations. Tail light under repair, saw - not so good.  
One of the finest hours on the chilly creative planning evening was warming up in Barry and Diane Maskel's home with homemade bread and a bowl of Diane's homemade soup near a hot fire, sharing stories. Bliss.
Can't wait until next year!