The Rotary Club of Whistler donated $1,000.00 to the WCSS.
Jackie Dickenson Executive Director of the Whistler Community Services Society gave us an outline of Whistler Outreach whose home is the new Whistler Community Services Centre on Nesters Road.
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February  12 after a well sung,  hearty O Canada,  Jackie Dickenson , long time staffer and now Executive Director of Whistler Community Services was introduced.  Jackie is already well known and highly respected in our community and others nearby for her remarkable communications ability and dedication to the Outreach Programs in Whistler. Jackie’s experience in the organization as an alcohol and drug educator and Outreach worker followed by Outreach program coordinator has led her to deeply understand what is going on in our community. A kind mother herself, a champion of Outreach for all mothers, babies, children, youth, injured and hungry, Jackie is veritably “Person Superior” to any soul who comes to the Whistler Community Services Society building on Nesters Road. They may be in need of reassurance, counselling, a hot meal, clothing, education, social connection, housing, legal advice, information and good will in addition to a cup of coffee or tea.  In many situations this Non Profit community spot is generally a one stop shop for support and direction not only for Whistlerites but other folks from surrounding Northern communities.
Jackie reviewed the vast changes that have taken place in our community over the past 10 years where the needs of our community have changed with burgeoning reproduction in the way of new families, transient youth and workers who become injured and impoverished, drug abuse, alcoholism, aging workers who fall on hard times, mentally challenged, youth programs and Outreach, a multicultural welcome network, a women’s centre focus and so much more.
Everything done at Outreach, whose home is now the WCSS, supports someone. $180,000.00 a month is generated by the “ Re-Use It”  on the main floor of  the Nesters Crossing WCSS and from “Re-Build-It” Function Junction, all of which goes to people in progress.
It is the joy of Whistler Community Services who previously had an extremely modest and remote location to have a new building which is not perfect but a fabulous facility from which to be able to administer services to our community and a meeting place for Non Profit groups
Everything from the Re-use It on the main floor goes to people in need. Anything not used or redistributed in the community is “up-cycled” to the Canadian Diabetics Association.
 Jackie acknowledged that the evolution of Outreach and Community Services has largely been possible from inception due to volunteers. Most valuably notable is Monday’s Food Bank. The Food Bank provides a choice of foods, perishable and non-perishable, staples thoughtfully organized and a hot lunch is provided, cooked and donated by the head Chef at the Fairmont Whistler.   Items are donated by some very generous grocers in the valley who deserve a huge thumbs up and others who give money and food items. At this time a Social Services consultant can be visited, other needs determined such as clothing and shoes from the re-use. Connection with each person who attends the Food Bank can be established and their needs attended. 27% of the people who come to the Whistler Foodbank are from Northern Communities.
Each day of the week has a focus in addition to use of the Board Rooms for Non Profits.
Mondays- Food Bank
Tuesdays – Concussion Support Group which is at no cost to the recipient. ( Rotary meets at 0700am)
 Wednesdays – two sessions a day for the Birth Mother Program which includes contacts to clinical                 counselling, Dula and general information and support for expectant mothers.
2 AM’s a month a local lawyer offers legal support and direction
Thursdays- Seniors Activate and Connect drop in program. Focus on Walking Program, Guest Speakers, Yoga, Drawing, Computer help and much more.
Fridays- various and re-group.
The Rotary Club of Whistler donated $1,000.00 to the WCSS.
I believe we closed the meeting with a feeling of thankfulness that we are able to give to such a hive of good spirit and positive circulation of benefits, as best as possible, to those who come through the doors of Whistler Community Services.