Our Xmas party is next Sunday, December 15th at the Whistler Golf Club at 5:30.  Please register here if you are attending and have not already signed up.  $60 for a Venue catered Turkey Dinner Buffet.

Dec 3rd
Our Library friends couldn't make our meeting so David Malaher stepped up quickly to provide a presentation of his and Rosemarie's recent trip down the Mississippi and Ohio river system. David touched on the various ports of call, the challenges of a river cruise in flood water conditions, an overview and history of the cotton industry, and some key points in the history of the region.
November 26th
The Rotary Club of Whistler renewed a friendship with Whistler Scouts. Ainslie Conway and Elise Maskell,  the chief reviver of this respected and renowned Whistler boys group, presented a request for sponsorship to RCOW. She provide an update of the current status of scouting in Whistler. Currently they have 18 Beavers registered and hope to establish a Cub Scout troop in 2020.
November 19th
Murray Wood took the floor on the subject of the Rotary International Foundation. November is Foundation month. Murray outlined the various ways the Foundation works and how our Rotary International donations are respected world-wide for going straight to the cause without a large amount of overhead, however a lot of organizing from within and matching up with clubs in countries that need our help makes this work.
November 12th
Chairperson Claire Moses of the newly renamed Whistler Community Foundation formerly the CFOW spoke to the AM Rotary meeting. Shown with long time Rotarian and speaker organizer Wendell Moore, Claire outlined how the overall role the Investment structure works and the management of the WCF Foundation Investments. Claire identified our 3 Rotary Club of Whistler Foundation accounts. Her description of how our investments are managed was a deep subject for early morning digestion.
November 2nd
Three clubs in the Sea to Sky corridor participated in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner fundraiser for Rotary International. Shown here is a content, hungry bunch of Rotarians from Squamish and the two Whistler Clubs getting ready to enjoy dinner at the top of the 120 steps to President Janice's house. Great information and stories were shared: thoroughly enjoyed by all. All claimed the climb invigorated them.
Oct 29th
World Polio Day was honoured and celebrated at the Whistler Museum as Mayor Jack Crompton, Whistler Rotarian, read the declaration to our meeting. Following this Polio Plus Chairperson for area 5040 Brian Finley gave a presentation and spoke about the world situation, up to date statistics and where we are going with Rotary International and Polio Plus. The evening was very moving and left us with plans to collaborate and join with other Rotary Clubs in our District to do additional fundraising for World Polio. Methods of donations was reviewed.
A discussion on sponsoring Whistler Scouts enthusiastically followed. Shown in picture on the right: Mayor Jack Crompton 2nd from right, Brian Finley, Chair of  District 5040 Polio Plus on the right, left Murray Wood, Assistant District Governor and President Janice Lloyd, 2nd from left.