Dr Fern Vonderporten, shown here in her doctor on the mountain uniform, specialist in emergency medicine and sports Medicine, shown above, spoke to us at our Zoom meeting last Tuesday the 26th about  her life in Whistler for the past 16 years.
Dr Fern has been on the Whistler Ski Patrol for the past 30 years, doctored for the National Ski Team, has two kids and went to school with one of our past speakers Dr. Sean Staniforth from the Lions Gate Hospital Emergency room.
 Post COVID Dr. Fern was busily organizing the enlarging of the Whistler Medical Clinic emergency facility, fundraising and co ordinating in addition to regular emergency doctor duties.  The onset of COVID  had the emergency staff reorganize the clinic from scratch draping plastic, isolating areas and retraining for the Whistler clinic lock down. Once a week she helps manage a program using a manikin to act out the worst possible scenarios including COVID situations. She commends our community for doing a great job of containment of the virus and is worried, as are many of us, about our population as the tourists arrive. 
Dr. Fern carries on with planning the expansion of the clinic, describing a better working space and improved equipment also a negative pressure environment to prevent the exchange of contagious air born particles. 
She left  us with the advice to protect ourselves always, keep a safe distance, wash hands and do not get involved in disputes over other peoples lack of COVID respect.