On May 11, 2019 all Presidents of the four Rotary Clubs in the Sea to Sky corridor gathered next to Hilltop House above the Squamish Regional Hospital to donate to Dr. Judith Folleringill, retired palliative doctor and organizer of the Hospice a $ 100,000.00 cheque fund raised by the four clubs.
Dr. Judith Fotheringhill, a palliative Specialist and initiator/main mover to create this much needed comfortable place to pass on  in the Sea to Sky corridor is shown in the photo. District Governor Darcy Long and Assistant District Governor Murray Wood who organized the event, were present. Darcy is shown with the Presidents and organizers of the fundraising. Missing is President Ken Martin who was key in creating the Jazz Blues fundraiser concept last October in Whistler. Janice Lloyd, President Elect is standing in his place. 
The Rotary Club Squamish provided refreshments. A brief walk about the premises was conducted afterwards.