During the regular Tuesday morning meeting the Rotary Club of Whistler had two thumping good speakers who really got the blood flowing with or without caffeine.
Peter Chrzanowski, extreme skier and uber adventurer  described  a thrilling event  which he is organizing for  September 1st.  The "Aerothlon" to be held in Pemberton will be the first of this equivalent to Ironman in hang gliding, running and biking. http://www.explorex.net Peter is a producer/director/writer who can be contacted about volunteering for this event in Pemberton or simply check out his web site especially if you need an adrenaline reboot.  
At the same meeting Bryce Reynolds, Program Coordinator for Soap for Hope, Vancouver Island gave us an inspiring presentation on the collection, re purposing and distribution of used soap, liquid and bars from hotels and other locations. The bars of soap or single use ampoules of soap may be used only once then discard into trash. Entirely volunteer supported and organized, the soap once prepared, is shrink packaged in small or large amounts with a cloth and distributed to poverty stricken, challenged areas over the globe and in our own needy communities across British Columbia. Bryce was so effective in his delivery that a person wanted to dig right in and help.