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On the 23rd of July, at Rainbow Park, under the Rotary Club of Whistler covered picnic area, our club had a rainy but pleasant gathering of 25 members, friends and family. Appetizers and cupcakes were enjoyed.  COVID 19 protocols observed.
The new president Gill Forester was sworn in, followed by the new Board of Directors.
On the left are 3 generations of Rotary Club of Whistler president. From the right, Gill Forester - President 2020-2021, Janice Lloyd - President 2019-2020, Ken Martin - President 2018-2019 and 2017-2018.
Four of our members who are Grande Dames of Whistler all had birthdays within a week, earlier in June, and we toasted their good health. Shown on the right are the honored Joan Deeks, Gail Wensley, Isobel MacLauren and Erika Durlacher.