Apr 06, 2021
Kathy White
MAC Project - "Bikes in Container for International Destination"

Kathy White - Chair of Whistler MAC Board, and on behalf of our 55+ membership – Im happy to share an outline of our activities and future project ideas.

We are vibrant group of over 200 members, engaged and often volunteering in Whistler, while we enjoy aging in place. We are all an important part of the social fabric and provide economic benefit often through municipal taxes, also by supporting local restaurants, shops & services.

 MAC is hopeful to bring forward the idea of donate a bike” project with the Rotary members and other community organizations. Similar to the previous project by Pat Montanihttps://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-pat-montani-and-bicycles-for-humanity- provide-transport-to-health-care/