Feb 18, 2020
Sandra Cameron
Upgrading our Health Care Centre Trauma Room Project Fundraiser

The WHCF is embarking on our single largest fundraising project in the past decade. The expansion and upgrading of our health care centre trauma room is our community’s highest health care priority.

The WHCC recently celebrated Its 25th anniversary of providing residence and tourist emergency care services. In a town that celebrates playing outside and pushing the limits of sport we have more than our fair share of trauma related injuries.  This unfortunately puts pressure on a room designed for much less tourism and population growth than we have experienced over the last two decades. Like any other community it is important to match our ability to handle the growth with the facilities needed to provide the emergency care need that will ultimately come along. Not since the multi million-dollar CT scan project have we had a project that will have as an immediate and lasting impact on our health care centres ability to provide exceptional world class care for residence and tourist of the sea to sky corridor.